As the launch event for the new iPhone 13 is approaching, Apple has also recently informed users via the Tips app on details regarding the new iOS 15 update that is to be released later this fall. By looking at the new features that are to be included in this new update, iOS 15 will help Apple users be productive, stay organized, learn about the world, and connect with friends and family.

New FaceTime Features and Improvements

New improvements to FaceTime have been designed to help users experience connection with others in a way that is more natural and engaging. Spatial audio allows each person’s voice to sound as if they are in the coming from the position that they have been placed on the screen. This will make FaceTime’s feel more natural like a person-to-person conversation. Additionally, voice isolation gives you the option of minimizing background sounds so that others focus solely on your voice without any outside distractions.

The most notable new feature for FaceTime is SharePlay, which allows users to watch movies and television shows in sync, listen to music together, and share screens with each other, while staying on a call. These features will help iPhone users to spend quality time with family and friends, especially at a time where staying connected is more important than ever.

FaceTime links can be shared to make it easier to schedule meetings and start FaceTime’s through group chats. These links can also be used by Android or Windows users so that you can stay connected with friends and family regardless of whether they have an Apple device.


Focus helps users to stay on task with what they need to do. By selecting a Focus, you can receive only the notifications that you want so that you can remain productive and avoid distractions. When Focus is being used, your status is shown through Messages so that others will understand that you are busy.

Other notable features include Visual Look Up, where you can easily learn more about objects found in your images. Tapping a photo can immediately showcase information regarding books, art, and more. Live Text in Photos is a similar feature that allows you to collect information from text found in photos so that you can easily and quickly search up directions, make a phone call, or email.