Communications providers are beginning to roll out 5G networks worldwide, with the new tech, we’re slated to see a variety of different use cases. The obvious one is going to be viewing and streaming high resolution videos on our mobile devices with much higher speeds. High speed transmission is a key variable here, but where it’s being used is when this gets exciting.

Everything from sci-fi movie style face recognition to a more pleasant commute, here’s some of the applications we’re most excited for.

Mobile Devices

The jump for mobile is going to be huge to say the least. The current faster LTE speeds we’re seeing is close to 300 megabits/second. Under ideal circumstances, 5G speed is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 gigabytes/second – a twenty-fold increase. Long story short, everything you do now on your mobile devices that requires connection to the internet is going to be lightning quick. Seconds for 4k (soon to be 8k) video downloads instead of minutes, transfer of all sorts of information seemingly instant.

Self Driving Cars

Pretty self-explanatory – Soon, cars are going to be driving themselves. This game changer is going to make people traveling a lot happier. Car ownership will likely be obsolete, to be replaced by Uber-ish services. Even the way the car is designed will be fundamentally changed, likely to be revolved around in-cabin entertainment, rather than keeping the focus of the driver on the road. We’ll see big disruption in industries that are based on moving products. Logistics, insurance, pizza delivery – you name it. How we respond to the massive employment turnover will be challenging to say the least, but the leap forward will be worth the temporary pain.

Remote Surgery

We’ve already seen the first successful remote brain surgery a few months ago in China by Dr. Ling Zhipei. He used instruments in Beijing – 3,000 kilometers away from him on a Parkinson’s patient. The possibility of having access to one of the world’s top surgeons from the comfort of your local hospital should excite plenty. While mainstream adoption here is likely further away than a luxury commute, this is on the horizon.