Here we will explain the step by step how to take advantage of the exclusive prices



Exclusive EPP Portal

The main goal of this portal is to speed the process of collecting customer’s information.  This means that by placing an order, the portal won’t charge your credit card or port your number to TELUS immediately.
No need to worry about losing service or receiving fees on your credit card.

EPP Order Process (Step by Step)

Place an order through
the portal

You will receive an employment verification email from TELUS.

Our team will contact you to confirm your order and information on the next business day

After the team has contacted you, wait for your sim-card and your sim-card activation instruction sheet to be shipped to you. It should arrive in approximately 1-2 business days.

Activate your TELUS sim-card and pop it into your device! 

How to Place an Order

1. Click the button “PLACE YOUR ORDER” on the main page of the exclusive portal. 
2. Select your region: ‘National’, ‘Quebec’, or ‘Central’
3. Select ‘Bring-your-own-device’, ‘Smartphone Plans’, ‘Smart Watch Plans’, ‘Table Plans’, or  ‘Talk and Text BYOD’ 
  •  Bring Your Own Device: if you just want a new mobile plan with TELUS and to continue using your own device. 
  • Smartphone Plans: if you would like to get a new device with TELUS 
  • Smart Watch Plans: if you would like to get a smart watch with TELUS 
  • Tablet Plans: if you would like to get a tablet with TELUS 
  • Talk and Text BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): If you do not need a plan with data
4. Select the plan
5. Select Add-ons if needed, otherwise just hit ‘proceed’
6. Hit ‘Check out’ if you are ready. 
7. Fill out your information and hit ‘Continue’
8. Fill out your information and hit ‘Proceed’.
9. After you complete your order, please expect 2 to 5 business days for the order to be completed.

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