The ongoing pandemic has limited the ability for consumers to test out mobile devices in stores, and our opportunity to meet with in-store sales reps. Online shopping has increasingly becoming our only available purchasing option. Fortunately, it can be easy to get caught up with the newest device features and trendy accessories online, leading us to ignore the features that make our device purchases efficient, safe and usable. 

We use our phones to work, socialize, and even as entertainment. It is important that we pick the phone that best suits our individual needs. Here are 5 tips to consider when buying a new phone.

Tip 1: Time to buy

With the constant new releases of smartphones and hardware development, even the newest phones become less-impressive before the year ends. It’s a costly expense to keep up with the trendiest new features and models.

Buying phones close to the release dates is not budget-friendly. Most phone companies tend to follow a similar calendar every year. For example, Samsung tends to release their Galaxy phones in March or April. Apple releases their new iPhones almost every October. Prices of the newest iPhone late summer will have dropped considerably in preparation for the new releases. Buying then allows you to have a fairly new phone at an affordable price.

Tip 2: Phone availability with Service Carriers

It’s a terrible feeling to have researched and bought the best possible phone, to then realize that it is not compatible with your service carrier. When doing research, it is important to check in with your service centers to test the compatibility of your phone, service and region.  

A great way to ensure you choose compatible phones is to buy the phone from your service carrier. Your service carriers can also help discuss the best phone features and deals you may not have known about. 

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Tip 3: Sizing

When handheld phones were first released, their biggest selling feature was mobility. The bigger phones become, the more efficiency of size drops. It is important to determine your preference and adaptability to phone size.

Tip 4: Storage

Choosing a smaller storage option is seemingly a great way to save on new phones. The increasing ability to store pictures and data in online clouds causes the need for large storage to become obsolete. 

However, social media apps, games, music and even software updates eat away more of our data than we realize. This can even cause our phones to go slower after updates due to the lack of space. Investing in larger storage can help elongate your phone lifespan and usability.

Tip 5: Use the best purchasing methods 

There are two ways to buy a new phone; buying it outright or taking a payment plan. Often, the incorrect assumption is that we save more money through buying our phones outright. The reality is that no matter the purchase, the cost of the phone is the same. 

Using a payment plan is a great way to afford your new phone without feeling a huge dent in your savings. Many payment plans also come with benefits and credits to save you more. For example, TELUS’ ‘Bring-it-Back’ phone plan gives you the option to return the phone after two years, and upgrade to the latest model. 

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