With most companies operating online and employees working from home, it can be hard to manage a team and keep a steady flow of work. In person, urgent documents or simple questions and concerns can be promptly answered by walking to the person you need it from. 

With remote jobs now becoming the norm, delays in projects and changes to timelines are almost inevitable. Luckily, there are countless online tools and options, one being Google Suite, to help keep your workplace as similar to when it was in person. 

What is Google Suite?

Google suite is an online package for all of Google’s web work applications. Google charges a monthly subscription per user, which gives you access to create and run a business on your preferred domain. This includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Hangouts, Plus and Calendar. 

Google Suite provides your organization with shared calendars, professional emails, great video meetings with Google hangouts and more! All of the google apps function to make collaboration simple and effective. 

Why Google Suite?

Google suite is a great platform to move or start an organization completely online! G suite is also a completely usable platform for individual consumers as well! Companies such as Hubspot, Uber, Netflix and Telus use G Suite for their business. We decided to give you a breakdown of the top 4 reasons why we think your organization should use G Suite! 

  1. Work anywhere 

G Suite is a completely online platform. This means that as long as you have your login information, you can access all of your work reports, emails and files in any region, and on any device that has an internet browser and connection. With this, you will no longer have to worry about leaving any work at home or in the office as with G suite you can even open your work files on your phone when you are going out to grab a quick coffee. 

G Suite also has 24/7 customer support! No matter where you are and what time you are working, if any issues happen with G suite you will have a support team available!

  1. Work collaboratively 

Google application platforms are best for working and sharing work amongst a team or organization. G Suite allows you to work collaboratively on a document with other members of your team at the same time. 

You can also assign different access roles to your organization members. While some may have editing access, others may only have access to view documents. This makes it easy to share information to those in the organization who need it, without needing to constantly share the updates as they can view the direct file. 

  1. Business platform 

G Suite functions the same as a google account you may have for free. The biggest difference is that you can create an organization email. For example, with a G Suite account, my email would be accounts@rmcsolutions.ca. This is what I would enter when logged in to google. 

Another great feature of G suite is that you can have up to 30 email aliases for free. This means that you can have different email titles, and they all go to the same inbox. Also, with the business platform, you can receive unlimited data as long as you have at least 5 users!

  1. Apps 

Almost all of Google’s applications under G suite have easy to use mobile app versions. This allows you to take calls, write reports and even work on presentations right on your phone! You can also receive notifications from all the google apps. For example, if someone is editing a document, or mentions you through a comment, you will be notified on your phone. 

Another great feature of G suite is that you can integrate your calendar onto your mobile device! Once the app is downloaded you will receive notifications, and can edit your calendar on your phone!

Overall, G suite is a great option for business, especially during this pandemic. It allows for direct contact, reminders, and saves all of your data by storing it in an online cloud. Get started with G suite today by joining TELUS’ Business Connect, G suite comes as an added benefit, no charge to you! Email us at sales@rmcsolutions.ca to get set up with Business Connect!