The pandemic has caused a lot of businesses to go from bad to worse, as Canada’s GDP decreases by over 5% there are a couple silver linings – 5G adoption continues to grow, the smartphone market is expected to ship about 280 million units by the end of 2020.

5G is defined as the 5th generation mobile network, it enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. It’s supposed to have a rebound effect for the industry with the coronavirus on hand, and will be expected to bounce back somewhere in 2021. Though, one thing many people don’t know is that you must have a 5G-compatible phone in order to tap into the power of 5G.

Predicting that by 2023, 5G will fundamentally change the role of the mobile device, businesses and technological innovation. Such that the possibility of a clothing shop using virtual reality to let people see themselves in an outfit in a range of dynamic, immersive environment. This form of technological innovation can be present in all types of businesses such as in the food and manufacturing industry by using robots.

The technology will not only spawn an intelligent ecosystem of connected devices but it will also harvest massive amounts of data that can and will change the way we live and work by increasing its speed, stability, and versatility.

Along with data transfer speeds, it will be ten times faster than 4G and have the ability to link far more people and things seamlessly at the same time. 5G is designed for mass connectivity: approximately one million devices on a network per square kilometre. This opens the door for more collecting, transmitting and sharing data via sensors.

5G will not only impact the city but also the countryside, currently in the west side of England, the first 5G Rural First project is researching new developments in agri-tech. By using autonomous tractors and drones that can provide high-definition image analysis of crops, weeds and soil. Also, sensors are fitted to cows’ collars to measure their health and fertility, leading into one of the robotic milkers which detects and controls the amount of milk the cow can release.

The power of 5G will increase higher level of surveillance and data capture for privacy risks, it will also create more opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators. It has been called the catalyst for the world’s fourth industrial revolution and planning for that future is essential.

Soon 5G and emerging technology will transform education and ultimately lead to a stronger society. When we use tech for the environment, conservation efforts will advance whether that’s precision farming or preventing poaching. There are so many innovations happening at a fast rate – AI, distributed data, immersive media and when we put them together the possibilities are endless.

It will revolutionize the way we live. In the future, we will all enjoy stable, high definition video calling and smooth cloud gaming on-the-go and engage in immersive sports and entertainment experiences.