TELUS Secure Business

Protect your home and business with a state of
the art home security system

TELUS Employee Purchase Program

Access TELUS exclusive savings and perks based on where you work.
Enjoy device discounts, monthly savings on corporate phone plans, and more.

TELUS Business Connect

Answer calls and join meetings from anywhere on any device
with our advanced VoIP solution

TELUS Business Mobility

Connect your team with plans that are perfect for your business and
get any smartphone for $0 upfront plus tax.  Keep your business running with
endless data and never worry about overage fees.

TELUS Secure Business

Employee Purchase Program

TELUS Business Connect

Business Mobility

RMC Solutions is a premier TELUS partner specializing in business solutions.  Our team prides itself with telecommunication expertise and a keen understanding of what your business needs to keep running at full speed. Proudly a Canadian company, our location has been serving customers for over 20 years. Our goal is to be your trusted advisers when it comes to effectively mobilizing your workforce and streamlining communication. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help.

Our Services

TELUS Business Mobility

Flexible business plans to save owners time, money and headaches. Keep you business running and your team connected with reliable coverage and unlimited data.

TELUS Business Connect
A premium business VoIP phone system that allows you to easily manage calls – on your computer, mobile phone, or at your desk – and connect your team from anywhere.

TELUS Exclusive Partner Program, Corporate Employee Deals and Plans
TELUS Employee Purchase Program (EPP)
TELUS partners with large corporate, government and business organizations, providing them exclusive benefits on TELUS services and products.

TELUS Health MyCare

The most easy and convenient way to contact a doctor. See a doctor, mental health counselor or dietitian from your phone, where and when it’s convenient for you.

TELUS Secure Business

ADT Canada has joined the TELUS family. Keep your home and your business protected 24/7 with the most trusted home security, home automation services and phone app to access real time surveillance.

TELUS Online Security

Helping organizations build their security infrastructure, identify and respond to threats, and restore back to normal operations. We leverage our years of experience securing our own employees, our national network and our customers across Canada to help you achieve your desired cyber security needs.

TELUS Connected Vehicle

From a few vehicles to a full scale fleet, business owners can efficiently & safely manage their vehicles. Track vehicles location,   optimize fuel efficiency, reduce idling, monitor driver behaviour, and more.

TELUS IoT Marketplace

Connect the things that matter to your business by leveraging connected devices provided by our partner network to help you be more efficient. Whether you’re trying to decrease your costs, increase your revenue or monitor resources – we’ve got you covered.


Meet the team

Proudly a Canadian company.
Our team is diverse and combined with passionate people looking to provide the best customer experience. Our goal is to be your trusted adviser when it comes to effectively mobilizing your workforce and streamlining communication. #RMCSolutions

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3 New Smartphones Worth Your Money!

3 New Smartphones Worth Your Money!

Technology has completely changed our ability to and how we communicate.  The creation of the telephone opened doors to reduced travel time for communication, immediate responses, and now even tracking when and who responds to messages online even from someone across...

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