All about the NEW iPhone 13

Everyone is expecting and looking forward to seeing some announcement regarding the new iPhone on September 14 at 10AM (PDT). Yes, that’s 2 weeks from now! This means that we are close to enjoy a brand-new iPhone.

Regarding the name for the new device, there are two contenders:  iPhone 12s or iPhone 13. Apple would give a whole new number for it, if the design has a substantially changed. However, its hard to know exactly how It would be, but we believe that Apple will not stick with iPhone ‘13’ because this number is usually associated with bad luck. 

Improvement that we’re expecting to see

We believe that the screen sizes will be basically identical to the current iteration. But it looks like there will be one big change to the displays with the arrival of 120Hz refresh rate, making for a smoother onscreen experience. Unfortunately, It won’t be on every iPhone, it looks like it’ll be reserved for the ‘Pro’ versions of the device.

One of the biggest upgrades on the iPhone 12 was the arrival of 5G. iPhones include the fastest mmWave 5G but it looks like this will be available on more iPhones this time around, benefiting users in countries where mmWave is available. In addition to that, the device will have a new and faster processor inside, almost definitely called the A15 chip.

Apple is keeping the Face ID for sure, but the return of Touch ID, rumored early in the cycle, seems to have vaporized. Besides that, another important detail is that we will be seeing is an increase on the battery life.