Network Coverages

We understand that your Network coverage is essential for your business. That’s why we promise the best coverage across Canada when compared to any other carrier out there.

If you think you might be in an area where coverage is an issue why not check out TELUS Coverage Map? You’ll be able to see what speed you’ll have in any given area.

Travel Coverage

Are you traveling? Your travel costs when you roam can get quite expensive, so its best to know what you’ll be charged exactly when you come back so there are no surprises on your phone bill. 

Payment Type

As you travel with our Easy Roam plan, you’ll only be charged as you use the device. This means, sending a text, using data, or making a call will trigger the daily fee. If you choose not to use your device to avoid paying costs, try putting your phone in airplane mode to avoid any costs.

Payment Cycle

One great thing about the Easy roam feature is the capped payments. Depending on where you travel you will not be charged more than $120 in the USA and $180 international within one calendar month!

Your USA Partner?

One question we find our potential customers asking us is “Who are you partnered within the USA?”. To keep that answer short and sweet, we are partnered with one of the biggest carriers in the states (AT&T).