Why is my phone not holding much of a charge anymore?

Does your phone die out before dinner? Or does it constantly need to be charged?

Here are some tips to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you!

  1. 3 Avoid 100%
    • Charging your phone to its full capacity will attribute to its capacity loss. While we all love a fully charged device, Battery University tells us our batteries aren’t meant to be charged all the way. When they are always being fully charged, over time, the battery won’t last as long. To preserve your battery’s lifespan, it is better to consistently charge them to about 80%.
  2. 2 Keep your charge between 25% – 85%
    • Battery University says that when you use your phone until the battery is depleted, you wear down the battery at a faster rate.
  3. 1 Charge your phone whenever you have the chance
    • A partial charge, “reduces stress and prolongs battery life,” according to Battery University. It is ideal for your phones battery to be charged 10% at a time. This may not be ideal for our schedules, but at least we know what’s best.
  4. Overnight … Overcharged
    • I’m sure you saw this coming after the last tip we gave you. While it is convenient, charging your phone overnight means your phone stays plugged in at 100% and at the same time will raise the batteries temperature. Battery University proves that these two situations combined is the “worst situation” and will hasten permanent capacity loss.
  5. Done charging? Then unplug your phone
    • This tip speaks for itself. Keeping a fully charged battery at high temperatures leads to a shortened lifespan.


These tips are all suggestions based on what Battery University has proven about battery usage and life. They will help your phone battery last longer during the day and will increase its lifespan