As always, new technology introduces new risks to cyber security

We know 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) are primed for mainstream use with most businesses providing use cases for increased productivity, innovation, and keeping customers happy, but there’s also room for hackers to exploit you and your business, here’s how to make sure you’re on top of it.

Tools hackers are using to give businesses headaches

1. Internet of Things

It’s becoming increasingly commonplace to use SIM cards and e-SIMs in devices previously unconnected (vehicles, heavy machinery, watches, and even refrigerators). With this comes incredible benefits for both businesses and consumers in productivity and general ease of usage. All of this is great and we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming years, but the thought of having a network compromise with any of the tools mentioned could wreak havoc. If hackers find a kink in the armor of a network, they’ll have access to all sorts of sensitive information, not to mention the ability to shut down vehicles or medical machinery remotely. We need to be sure the right preventative measures are in place to mitigate these risks.

2. 5G

A compromised 5G network would likely spell disaster. The nature of the technology has a host of connected cloud platforms for delivering and processing the information. The next-gen mobile network is slowly rolling out across the world but the fact that there are various points of entry which the developers have possibly overlooked could be bad news.

3. Technical expertise

One of the toughest pills to swallow for businesses however, is the fact that compromises usually come from within the organization – even though it’s almost always inadvertent. Sloppy placement of information or easy to guess passwords are common entries for hackers to gain access to an organization’s network. Clicking a legitimate looking link from a legitimate looking email/domain is one of the more popular points of entry. Harping on this point with staff could prevent a lot of unnecessary work.

Keep in mind that these criminals would do pretty much anything to steal sensitive information. Be mindful of where you store your social insurance number, availability of your credit card information, sensitive passwords etc. Otherwise, you might be on the wrong side of identity theft or blackmail.

Limit your risk, keep current with your security contingencies

Scary scenarios, right? We’ve reviewed some of the popular venues hackers approach exposing businesses, it’s paramount with emerging technology that business owners are aware of the risks to keep them safe. Connect with us so we can help make sure you can keep focusing on what you do best.