The newest version of Wireless Fidelity (the Wifi-6) was finally released in September of 2019. With most electronic companies finally adapting its software into their devices, it is time we give you the 411 breakdown of Wi-fi 6.

What is Wi-fi 6?

It is the newest generation of the Wi-fi network. The main purpose has not changed — to connect you to the internet. However, it has upgraded to employ new routers and technological advancements to boost overall performance and strengthen Wi-if connection. 

Why do we need Wi-fi 6?

When tech engineers were developing our current Wi-fi networks (Wi-fi 5), the average household contained 4-5 devices. Now, especially with the pandemic, the average household contains at least 9 devices. Wi-fi 6 is the best network connection to support multiple devices in a household, without needing to pay a huge increase in service bills.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should be excited about Wi-fi 6: 

  1. The increased speed

Wi-fi 5 currently has a GBPS of 3.5. Wi-fi 6 has an increased GBPS of 9.6. These numbers are the theoretical maximums that most people never reach individually, but can in a collective network. To put it simply, you will see a huge increase of speed on all of your devices. 

Along with the obvious benefit of being able to click and access online web pages and applications faster, increased speed also helps to improve the quality of online content. For example, your network requires 5Mbs for the basic HD quality per steam. In a household with 9 users, and each potentially using at least 2-3 different streaming websites, the increased GBPS helps the upload ability of the content. The more speed, the better the quality.

  1. Higher household capacity 

As we have already mentioned, the pandemic has caused a huge increase in the number of devices for the average household. You might have noticed your devices disconnecting or slowing down from the internet more often. This is because Wi-Fi networks can only support a specific number of devices. Wi-Fi 6 is able to support the need for more devices in a household without breaking the connection to them. 

3. Lower latency 

With most of our days online on zoom, team or other video conference applications, it is important that our network has a low latency. Contrary to popular belief, live videos are almost rarely instant. Till today, there is still a delay between the actual time someone goes on a live, and the time someone is watching it, though it is only a few minutes. Lower latency helps to avoid lag-time on streaming networks and calls, improving internet connection.

  1. Wi-fi 6 supports the newest devices 

Though Wi-fi 6 was officially released in back September 2019, newer smartphones, internet routers and other tech devices are finally starting to support Wi-fi 6. Some of the more popular options of phones start from the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy 10, and even the Huawei P40. 

This does not mean older phones are unable to connect to the new Wi-fi 6, it just means that Wi-fi 6 best supports the newer phones. Older phones will also benefit with less lag-time and higher streaming quality as well!

  1. Promotes longer device life

An amazing unrealized benefit from the Wi-fi 6 is the longevity it promotes for your devices. With the increased room due to the increase in GBPS, Wi-Fi 6 enables your devices to have smoother multi-user input and output. In simpler terms, your internet connection will not wear down your devices due to the increased number of devices and/or content streamed in your household or place of work. 

Wi-fi 6 will also help increase your battery life for smart home devices. The feature ‘Target Wake Time’(TWT) is a function that helps your devices ‘sleep longer’ by reducing the amount of data processed through the network to reduced times. 

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