The competitive Google Pixel 5 distinguishes itself from its previous generation and decidedly unsuccessful Pixel 4.  The Pixel 5 focuses on great camera software and clean Android interface. Premium perks including the telephoto lens and metal casing as a great change from the traditional glass, while also offering 5G capabilities.

The Pixel 5 has wireless charging, 90Hz refresh rate display, and a massive 4,000mAh battery, way bigger than last year’s 2800mAh battery in the Pixel 4. The metal casing on the phone has a matte-like finish that creates a nice texture that allows for a more solid grip on the phone. It’s quite compact, with a 6-inch display and appearing 8mm in thickness, it is one of the thinner phones on the market. The 6-inch full HD Plus display is a sharp and bright screen with minimal bezels and a punch hole to house the front facing camera. This is a far better screen-to-body ration than the Pixel 4, as it includes various sensors such as the Soli depth sensor that enables feature like in-air gesture control.

The Pixel 5 offers a telephoto lens for a 16MP ultra-wide camera, photos look crisper and there is a strong emphasis on night photography. Similarly, it captures accurate colors in low light-compared to images taken on the iPhone 11 Pro Max which exhibit a yellow tint, in comparison, the Pixel 5 captures the correct hues. Along with it comes with its own editing software – useful if you want to add dramatic lighting or highlight to parts of your subject after taking a shot.

The battery life of the Pixel 5 is one of the biggest improvements.  In casual testing it comfortably lasted into a second day, while the Pixel 4, only hit single digits in the early evening. As it seems, battery life was a major complaint with the Pixel 4, the Pixel 5 also has a new software feature: Extreme Battery Saver. Which goes beyond turning on Dark Mode and pausing background activity to turn off Wi-Fi hot spotting and other battery draining activity.

The Pixel 5 comes with an 18W fast charger in the box and supports Qi wireless charging and includes reverse charging.

So should you buy the Pixel 5…?

You should buy if…

  1. You like shooting and editing photos: wide array of rear cameras plus its own editing software
  2. Want a small-format phone: can be used one-handed
  3. Want a pure Android experience: runs Android 11

Compared with the iPhone 12, the price varies approximately by $100, as the Pixel 5 is $699 while the starting base price of the iPhone 12 model starts at $799. The Pixel 5 beats the iPhone 12 as its 90Hz screen refreshes 90 frames a second making scrolling smoother, compared to the iPhone 12 which has 60Hz display. Though the size of the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5 are nearly identical in size, as the iPhone is slightly larger with a 6.1-inch screen compared to the Pixel 5’s 6-inch display.

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