Apple has finally released a new product, something GOOD in 2020! Their event that happened on September 15th really shows the advancement of what technology can do just on your wrist. Starting off solely as a fashion piece now brings full fledged health and wellness to the table.

Checkout what the Apple Watch Series 6 brings to the table:


Anything and everything health was basically the forefront the Apple watch each and every year. Continuouys improvement remains one of Apples strongest waves of momentum for all their products and the watch doesn’t fall short.

There are more NEW features targeted towards your health, such as the Blood Oxygen Level which measures how much oxygen your red blood cells carry in just 15 seconds. Thanks to the new health sensor this new technology detects and warns the user before any health risks occurs.

Blood oxygen is measured using a greed and red infrared light. Basically, this just tells you the color of your blood producing accurate measurements.


Starting off as a fitness device, really, there hasn’t been much change in this. But with new training videos for you to keep note of, it’s a great way to stay in shape.

Family Set Up

Another important safety feature is the new “Family Setup” which expands parental control. It allows parents to set up their children’s watch to help track their children’s location, call and control who they talk to using iMessage. This requires a cellular version of the Apple Watch but doesn’t require the child to have an iPhone.

One new cool feature is the school mode. You will be able to control the watch by limiting the use of the device to avoid distraction.

The watch’s design is identical to the look of the Series 4 and Series 5, but internally the watch includes a new S6 processor which is 20% faster.

Apple also revealed new bands called the ‘Solo Loop’ which does not have a clasp. It is stretchable and comes in several different sizes. Another version is made of braided material.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering your Watch Series 6, feel free to reach out at sales@rmcsolutions.ca!