Black Friday, one of the best days of the year! A day of waking up at 5am to line or camp out at your favourite store before anyone else, running through your five-page checklist of Christmas gifts and other items and goods you’ve been holding off since the beginning of the year. It’s a stressful yet awarding day for many.

This year, TELUS will be airing its Black Friday Event on November 27th, 2020. As the end of November is approaching, we are getting closer and closer to the Black Friday Sale, if you are looking to upgrade to a new phone… this is definitely the time to take advantage! As TELUS offers annual discounts and promotions during Black Friday, one is just right around the corner.

Last year, during the Black Friday sale, the Peace of Mind Plan were discounted, along with big discounts on hardware. It is difficult to predict the discounts that will be available this year, with this pandemic on hand it may cause businesses to hold back their big promotions.

If you currently have an EPP account at TELUS, it may be worth looking at the iPhone 11 64GB before Black Friday as it has dramatically decrease in price since the last couple of months and have a been very popular! It currently comes in White, Black and Purple, though the storage is only 64GB as Apple have discontinued the larger storage options.

For regular consumers it is more likely that the plans will be discounted more rather than the phones, if you are looking for 20GB of data, look no further. November 27th, is your day!

If you are an employee at a large business such as Wal-Mart and Amazon, you may be eligible for Employee Purchase Plan which is a discounted program available to our partners only. Check if you are eligible. Click here: https://rmcsolutions.ca/check-your-eligibility/

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All in all, the prices for plans and phone will vary in the upcoming two weeks and it may be worth holding on until then.

For any questions regarding current promo or pricing, give us a call at 905-670-7916.