Turn 2020 around by treating yourself with some of the top valued phones from this year.

At a retail cost of $1003, the iPhone 11 features a dual-camera, speedy new processor, and a crisp LCD. The cameras of the iPhone 11 support the same photo features as the iPhone 11 Pro, which means around $300 in savings. They’re capable of snapping the same camera effects as the iPhone 11 pro, including:

  • Portrait shots
  • Ultra wide angle selfies
  • Night Mode for better low-light photos

You can also expect a greater battery life of 11 hours and wireless charging from the iPhone 11.

On top of that, the iPhone 11 comes in different colours to accommodate for all users – colours including yellow, green, purple, black, white, and red.

At a retail cost of $615, the iPhone SE runs on the same powerful chip as the iPhone 11 series and comes with a single-lens camera. The design of this phone is very similar to the iPhone 8 and features an LCD, 4.7-inch, Retina HD screen similar to the iPhone XR. The single-lens camera provides:


  • Portrait mode
  • Depth control (adjusting background blur after taking a photo)
  • Portrait lighting
  • Smart HDR


The iPhone SE runs on the same processor found in the iPhone 11 series, making it a top-performing phone for years to come. It comes in colours red, white, and black. Overall, it is a phone with premium power that fits comfortably in one hand – perfect for many.

The Google Pixel 3a is a great, cost effective, Android option.

At a retail cost of $625, the Google Pixel 3a manages to pack some of the best features in the standard Pixel 3 into a more affordable package. This model is hundreds less and capable of taking incredible pictures using the same image processing and Night Sight technology. This is a great phone for someone who is passionate about photography.

Aside from the camera, it features excellent build quality with a middle-of-the-road chipset and a polycarbonate shell, making it a clean Android build.

The Samsung A71 is one of Android’s top phones with the best cameras.

At a retail cost of $675, the Samsung A71 comes at the higher-end of Samsung’s more affordable Galaxy phones – out of their entire lineup. This is considered the most affordable phone to get if you care about cameras. The camera build allows for excellent photos to be taken. Many details including:

  • 64MP primary camera
  • Good dynamic range
  • Vibrant colours
  • Equipped with wide-angle camera, macro camera, and portrait camera

Outside the camera performance, the A71 easily impresses users with an amazing 6.7 AMOLED display and fast performance thanks to its Snapdragon 730 processor. It also provides great battery life, allowing for long endurance throughout the day.