Need a new case that fits your style and keeps your phone protected?

Here are some of the best cases you should use to protect your smartphone from any damage while also keeping in style with the latest trends.

First up we have the Otterbox – a classic.

The Otterbox is one of the most reputable phone cases that keeps your phone safe from damage.

 If you tend to drop your phone often then this is the case for you.

These slightly bulkier cases are amazing at protecting your phone from all surfaces including hardwood and even concrete.

This case is mainly made up of two materials – plastic and silicone.

The inner parts consist of plastic to maintain an inner shell for your phone if it accidentally drops. The silicone is great for having high impact absorption capabilities. The Otterbox also contains rubber to provide a good grip on your phone so it doesn’t drop.

Next up is Incipio – a simple and sleek look.

If you’re looking for something toned down and more classy, here is the Incipio.

This case is scratch resistant itself and provides a hard-shell outer layer for your phone.

Along with the outer layer, you have a shock-absorbing inner layer and a raised bezel to protect your screen. Additional features include compatibility for wireless charging obviously, the 0% bulk.

Third is Lifeproof – an all-around versatile case.

The perfect case that is waterproof, snow proof, dirt proof, and even shock proof.  

If you ever want to take underwater pictures, this is the best case for you.

The Lifeproof case be fully submerged in 6.6 ft of water for up to an hour and also can survive up to 6.6 ft of a drop. Not only that, but you’ll get some great pictures and have a cool coloured case to show off too.

Finally we have Speck – super durable.

Speck cases are popular because of their durability.

Being one of the only phone case brands that use a unique shock barrier, IMPACTIUM, you can rest assured that your phone will resist damage from any drops or dings.

Speck is also different than other brands because it uses antimicrobial materials to prevent any bacteria from growing on your case. They also utilize their Stay Clear coating to resist discolouration from contact with oils or UV rays. 

If you’re looking for pretty much any case for your new smart phone, RMC can source them at a way lower price than pretty much anywhere else since we work with high volumes, feel free to reach out to sales@rmcsolutions.ca if you’re in need of one!