Technology has completely changed our ability to and how we communicate.  The creation of the telephone opened doors to reduced travel time for communication, immediate responses, and now even tracking when and who responds to messages online even from someone across the world. 

This is because today’s companies are releasing a variety of smartphone models, developing new features, better quality, size and more. With so many options to pick from, it can be hard to find a new phone that has all the features you will need over what the ‘best current phone’ is. The tool we once used for basic verbal communication has changed to have the ability to take photos, entertain ourselves, and download countless applications with multiple purposes!

We have decided to break down the features of the top 3 phones we think are worth every dollar: 

iPhone 12

Released on October 13 2020, the iPhone 12 offers amazing features for a suitable price. The iPhone 12 comes in a comfortable 6.1-inch screen size, perfect for those who prefer larger screens and to help aid straining eyes. While the iPhone 12 series released 4 models, we believe the iPhone 12 is best suited for consumers who do not need the extra additions and size of the iPhone pro and pro max.

  1. Both the rear and front view cameras have upgraded to improve quality and ability. The rear-view camera is set up similar to the iPhone 11 with two 12-megapixel cameras, but each has a wider aperture on both lenses. This allows for 27% more light on the phone to make up for low-light locations. 

The front facing camera on the phone comes with advanced depth control, portrait lighting effects, and a 4K 1080p HD video recording.  Along with this, Apple has added a feature to the iOS 14.5 that allows users to unlock their phone while wearing a mask. You will need an Apple Watch with WatchOS 7.4 to use this feature. 


  1. Compared to its previous generations the iPhone 12 is a much sturdier model than the rest. It comes with a new ceramic shield and the glass is processed with temperature crystallization. Both add-ons improve durability when dropped up to 4 times compared to older models. This is ideal for consumers as most people trade/buy a new phone every two years and hence do not see the purpose of warranty. The improved durability makes the phone one of the best iPhone’s so far!
  1. The phone comes with a 4GB RAM, up to 256GB in storage, 12MP for both cameras and a CPU of A14 bionic. To put it simply, this is a great quality phone for someone who wants a fast-running device with good quality features and lots of space. As you get to the more expensive models, the biggest difference is quality of the cameras. Unless you work as a professional photographer, you will most likely be greatly satisfied with the iPhone 12. 

Albeit the Google pixel 4a 5G is not the newest phone released from Google. However, after comparing this phone’s price, features, and design, we believe this phone is the better option for consumers. 



1. The Google pixel 4a has a 6.2-inch display with a resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels matching the pixel 5. The phone comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate 30 less than the one for the pixel 5. In our opinion, the difference in Hz is not worth the difference in price for the 5. Unless you use the phone for professional gaming or work, you should be comfortable using the 4a 5G pixel.

  1. The 5 and the 4a Both come with very similar hardware specs. The pixel five has an 8 GB of RAM whereas the 4a has 6GB. However, this is not something most people notice during our daily usage.  The five also has 4000mAh, only 200 more than the 4a at 3800mAh. Both phones will be able to last you throughout the day. A noticeable difference is that the 5 comes with wireless reverse charging. This means the phone can be used as a wireless charger as it is plugged in and charging. While we agree it is a very cool feature, we do not see the immediate need hence we still prefer the 4a.

  2. Both the 5 and the 4a come with a dual rear camera with 12.2-megapixels, and an ultra wide camera of 16-megapixels. The front view camera of both is 8-megapixels. The only difference in features is that the five includes audio zoom in video. Both phones have almost identical cameras. Hence, we believe the 40 is the better phone with its cheaper price. Overall, both phones share almost 80% of the same features and software. While the pixel 5 has more premium finishes and extra features, the 4a gives you almost all the latest features for almost half the price. 

Samsung Galaxy S21

While we have already introduced this new phone on our blog post here, we think it is important to break down the everyday uses and features of the phone and explain why we think it is a phone best suited for consumers! 

  1. The Samsung galaxy S21 This design is very similar to the galaxy S20 with a 6.2-inch display, however it has now opted for flat edged sides over curved ones. Samsung has also introduced one of its biggest changes: a plastic back known as polycarbonate. This creates a more tactile finish on the phone preventing fingerprint marks on the phone. While poly carbonate can be a cheaper option, the phone looks so sleek and elegant as the S20. Along with its physical designs, the S21 series comes in violet gray, pink and white. In our opinion, the violet has a super prominent hue, matching today’s retro throwback trend. 
  1. Samsung has worked very hard to improve the specs of its new phone series. The S21 comes with 35% more GPU speed, I boosted AI performance, a snap dragon 888 chip which provides a 20% better CPU performance and has 8GB to make up for the lack of a 12GB RAM. However according to consumer testing and review it is almost unnoticeable. The phone continues with it’s 4000 mAh battery life, improved its chip efficiency and kept the adaptive refresh rate which overall delivers a better battery life. With the USB-CP D standard, the phone is able to reach 55% in approximately 30 minutes. 
  1. The Samsung galaxy S 21’s camera is very similar to the galaxy S 20. With Samsung focusing more on camera software, they maintained their 12 MP mean and Ultra Wide cameras, along with the 64MP telephoto 3X hybrid optical zoom. However Samsung’s shutter button that allows you to capture a variety of photos and videos with all three cameras has greatly improved with its new slow motion option, zoom lock and directors view which you can read more about here

The reason why Samsung has not updated its camera specifications is because the S21 series is actually much cheaper than the S20 series! It was Samsung’s goal to reduce the price, while still improving the phone software and including the latest designs and technology. If you have not already purchased the S20, the S21 is a much more affordable, upgraded, and usable phone for consumers with optimal features and function!

All three phones currently provide the best value for good pricing! Since the phones have been out for a while, prices have dropped and many service companies such as Telus have great offers and service deals with them! Email support@rmcsolutions.ca to get some amazing prices and your new phone today!