The OnePlus 11 is a new phone being released soon, and it is said to have “Active CryoFlux” which is built-in liquid cooling that mimics what you see in some gaming computers. This would be the first liquid cooled smartphone, which is perfect for keeping your phone from overheating during processor-intensive tasks, like gaming. Some phones have also been known to overheat while sitting in the sun, running multiple apps for long periods of time, and video editing high-quality videos with special effects.

Liquid cooling in a phone?

OnePlus has taken their liquid cooling idea a step further by creating the OnePlus Dock, which can cool down any device including iPhones and Samsungs. The main part of the dock is full of liquid coolant, which sits on your desk. A hose that looks similar to a charging cable comes out of the dock and connects to a bracket which holds your phone. This bracket has a metal plate that becomes extremely cold from the coolant, and it is in direct contact with the back of your phone.

Not for amateurs

While this is a useful gadget for many people, it may not be for everyone. It requires an elaborate setup as it needs a place for the dock to sit, and it also needs its own power supply. This means that it is not easy to use on the go, as you’d need a surface for the dock as well as a powerful battery pack. The price and release date are still unknown, but when it is does come out it’s expected that many mobile gamers will take an interest in it!